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O ne of the recurring problems in information technology (IT) is a gap between education and industry. The gap takes several forms including difficulty in technology transfer, aligning research with the needs of practitioners, old syllabus, lake of practical approach, and preparing students to make the most effective contribution upon entering industry.

Software industry is growing and changing very fast that our syllabus cant thought to race with it, Here are some of the information that itself show you the gap between education and industry.

Technology Syllabus Industry
HTML Html 3.2 Html 5
Style Sheet Css2 Css3
Script JavaScript JavaScript + JQuery
Programming Language Vb,Asp C#
Architecture Single tier Architecture N tier Architecture
Framework Claasical Claasical + Strut,MVC

You may know what is Cryptography, MD5, SHA, RSA , but you don't know why there is always "S" tailing the "http" (https:)
You may learnt what is Denial of Service(DOS) attack, You are also entering Zig Zag Image code in all the registration form but you dont know why are you doing this.
Net Banking is very important part of our life, we used it daily. But we don't know how to implement this in our website or portal.
We liked to Send SMS from website but don't know how all this stuff is doing this thing.

We have our training cell to decrease the gap between education and industry. We have a professionals who have a good work experience in the industry. Who will teach you and give you a chance to work on the live project.

There is no end of this discussion that what we are missing from our syllabus, there are lots of the stuff that you need to know to enter into the industry. There are so many things which we are not learning in the syllabus and if we are learning then we don’t know its practical approach, we need to learn books, without it we can’t event start to learn. But to become professional and to gain knowledge you need to dive into the real world.

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