Project Management System / Single Project

This project “Project Management System” excellent platform to the organization/firm for managing the different projects and it’s task and also provide the management centric control over the organization.

The Web Enabled System is used to provide Project Management functionality to a small to medium size businesses. There are five levels of users as Project Employee, Team Leader, Project Manager & System Administrator. Each level containing a set of different Project Management functionality.

The key functionalities of this system are as follow:

1. Time Management : Employee timesheet completion
2. Project Management : Creating, Editing, Deleting Projects
3. Project Reporting: Project Progress Reports, Task Completion Report etc.
4. System Management: Manage Users, Roles, Audit & track data.
5. Task Management : Creating, Editing, Deleting Tasks

Advantages of this system is that it will decrease time for managing the task, Improve the Resource Management, Provide Clear Picture of the project status, and also helpful the risk identification process.

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